Creating designs for every story with Trotec lasers

Published on: 11/27/2017

The foundations of a namesake company

Cheltenham-based print and gift company Betsy Benn began life as a sole trader in 2010. Betsy Benn founded the company to focus on selling her unique prints in small boutiques, and was soon invited to join which propelled her to popularity, and she now employs nine members of staff at her namesake company. In just the second year of trading, Betsy won the prestigious Make Award for Best Customer Service and was a finalist for product of the year.

"Our Speedy has added another dimension to our work and is an important element of the creative process when building new ideas, offering greater creative scope to process a variety of materials. The ability to go into Trotec's laser machine showroom to test the machines and find out what was possible on our own products, coupled with Trotec's experts being on hand to advise us, made us feel confident in our purchase."
- Betsy Benn - Company Director -

Broadening horizons

Betsy Benn use a range of material to create their gifts including wood, acrylics, paper and fabrics. During the first years of the business Betsy Benn primarily a print business, with all of their design being created to match their tagline "A design for every story". Working with their customers, all designs are recreated to meet the customers requirements.

Betsy began looking for new ways to take the artistry that was developed with the printing and expand the production possibilities of the company. It was this decision that led Betsy and the team to begin looking at laser technology as a potential addition to their company.  

"Trotec's materials also make excellent additions to our range of products. Whilst we use a number of different materials, the metallic ranges are favourites of ours, as they help to bring our designs to life, especially our Christmas decorations and wall art."
- Betsy Benn - Company Director -

New and exciting directions

The purchase of Trotec's entry level laser cutter in 2014 proved to be the breakthrough for Betsy Benn. The addition of the desktop laser cutter enabled Betsy Benn apply her designs to new materials, taking the Betsy Benn company in new and exciting directions.

Once the processing capabilities of the technology became clear, Betsy Benn sought a larger and more powerful machine to improve the company's workflow, opting for a Trotec Speedy 300 laser engraver which was installed in 2016. 

It wasn't just the processing capabilities of Speedy 300 which helped Betsy Benn to choose the Speedy 300 as their laser of choice, the customer service she received from Trotec was also hugely influential. From the demonstration in Trotec's Yate showroom to Trotec's area manager being available to offer advise, Betsy and the team have found the Trotec to be very reliable.

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