Added value by laser engraving: De Meesterslijpers

Published on: 04/30/2019

Added value by laser engraving: De Meesterslijpers

In 1980 the 'De Meesterlijpers' has started by Thomas & Ellen de Boer. Later on, their sons, daughters in law and grandchildren also started working for the shop. A real family store which offers everything you need in your kitchen!

The challenge

De Meesterslijpers wanted to offer something extra to their customers, they wanted an added value for their beautiful kitchen products. That's why they invested in laser systems. They now use the lasers for engraving wooden, glass, metal and leather products.

The Trotec solution

'We first bought one laser system, a Speedy 300. Pretty soon after buying the first laser system, we bought a second one, a Speedy 400 laser machine. 'We want to offer our customers quality, that's why we chose high quality lasers from Trotec', states Harmen de Boer (co-owner from De Meesterslijpers).

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