Sign maker heads in the right direction with Trotec laser

AllSigns Visual Communication have brought their laser cutting work in-house with a Trotec Speedy 400.

Published on: 02/16/2018

Visual branding and more

AllSigns manufactures bespoke signage and decorative artwork for workplaces and commercial environments, with a commitment to investing in new technology which will benefit its customers.

Based in Yate, Bristol, AllSigns work with a variety of clients including brand agencies, architects and designers to translate their brand visions into improved brand profiles and increased brand engagement. Within the company AllSigns have adopted a learning culture throughout the team, with each member helping to develop the skills of others.

"The demonstration opened our eyes to what other applications would be possible with a laser, so right from the first meeting we've felt supported by Trotec. We have been able to rely upon Trotec's after sale support whenever we have needed it and I cannot fault our Trotec experience."
- Graham Wood - Managing director -

Broadening the service portfolio with Trotec

Graham Wood and the team booked a demonstration at their local Trotec laser showroom in Yate and were given a full demonstration on the laser and a complete overview of the possible applications.

Graham Wood and the team decided that the Speedy 400 was the ideal laser cutter for AllSigns. A  flatbed laser with a bed size of 1000mm x 610mm, the Speedy 400 offers high-speed processing up to 3.55m/sec and a superior product build for dust protection; making it a versatile option for integration in to production lines where cutting, engraving and marking of materials, parts or components is required.

One of the key benefits that the Speedy 400 has brought to AllSigns is increased efficiency. Without the need to outsource the team now have the control to work to tight deadlines, while the laser has also removed additional processing steps, as they Speedy produces a clear cut finish on their acrylic without the need to flame polish the edges.

Since installation, the Speedy laser has become an important part of the production process for AllSigns, giving them the ability to prototype, as well as produce individual components in-house and create complete displays

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