Ali Abbas "The CRE8OR" at Caseking

Spectacular computer designs created with laser technology

Published on: 06/15/2021 Author: Trotec Laser DACH

Series products and spectacular unique items

Caseking is one of the most successful online suppliers in Europe and Asia for extraordinary computer accessories.

The product portfolio for the approximately 2 million customers includes more than 10,000 standard products, but unusual customer requests are also fulfilled.

This is, where Ali Abbas - also known as The CRE8OR -comes in. The product manager, case modder and inventor at CaseKing, has been awarded about 80 international prizes in his field (including 20-time winner of the German CaseMod Championship (DCMM), a world record, etc.), making him one of the best-known case modders in the world.

Such custom-made products are not only interesting for customers from the gaming and hardware sectors. Well-known product manufacturers, the automotive and electronics industries or software and even food manufacturers are among the clientele.

Thus, these special computers are not only used for daily use but also for trade fairs, events, press events and the like - according to the motto: attention guaranteed.

Flexible laser technology for one-offs and series

Originally, Caseking used mechanical tools such as milling machines. Laser processing was purchased from an external service provider for demanding geometries. At that time the main application was engraving of anodized aluminum or bare metals but also cutting of acrylic or leather.

Due to the increasing demand and in order to have more flexibility in the implementation of new products, the decision was made to purchase their own laser.

Convincing quality

Due to the close proximity to Berlin, they quickly got in touch with Trotec. Already during the first laser demonstration Caseking was impressed by the Speedy laser's easy handling and the software's great compatibility with almost every standard graphics program. The quality was convincing, so they decided to buy a Speedy 360 flexx laser engraver.

This compact laser system now enables the company, for example, to laser cut the individual parts of the cases, engrave the surfaces and produce cable combs for series production, development and individual customer products.

"I use a variety of materials in case modding. Laser processing supports me in being able to implement my ideas quickly. Especially the flame-polished edges on acrylic or engraving effects on wood always inspire me."
- Ali Abbas - Product Designer - Caseking -
"In the large selection of laser materials at Trotec, I always find a material in the right color, thickness and texture that I can use for the cases."
- Ali Abbas - Product Designer - Caseking -
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