Trotec laser at Mount Stuart Trust

Mount Stuart Trust in Trotec Laser

Published on: 07/18/2018

A historic landscape

Mount Stuart Trust is a registered charity formed in 1989 by the 6th Marquess of Bute to protect and maintain the house, gardens, and estate on the Island of Bute. Mount Stuart is thought to be one of Scotland's finest cultural attractions.

The grounds are one of Britain's most famous landscapes, and over time the staff has introduced vegetation from all over the world into the gardens, including exotic and rare species.

Can't see the wood for the trees

Being a popular attraction, Mount Stuart offers guided tours around the gardens where visitors can observe some of the rarer species. As a living collection, the grounds constantly feature new exhibits. This lead to the initial search for a cost-effective way to create plant identification labels.

The main interest was to produce large batches of labels to coordinate with their exhibits. Previously, labels were processed using a mini drill engraver and monochrome scribe labels.

This manual production method was inconsistent as the quality of the finished product relied too heavily on user accuracy. Also, the labor was physically taxing on team members, causing hand cramps and fatigue after extended periods of use.

Additionally, the Mount Stuart team had limited experience in label-creation outside of those solely for internal use with little detail. Now, their needs required a faster, ergonomic, and more precise solution.

"From my initial demonstration in the Stirling showroom our Trotec experience has been excellent. Our area manager gave a detailed demonstration and was very helpful with each of our enquiries. Post-sale, the team has continued to assist us with our enquiries in a most professional and helpful way."
- Graham Alcorn - Living Collections Manager -

Fast, accurate and easy processing

As Graham Alcorn, Living Collections Manager, and the Mount Stuart team researched solutions, they discovered, laser-processing. Graham decided to attend a Plant Network Group meeting, where various Cambridge Botanics staff discussed their Trotec Speedy 100 machine and its role in their plant-labeling method. Graham followed up this meeting with a visit to Cambridge to see the machine for himself and was impressed with its capabilities and throughput. His next move was to book a demonstration of that model at the Stirling showroom.

Featuring a working area of 610 x 305mm the Speedy 100 is the ideal machine for processing common materials used for plant labels. Graham and the team have produced over 700 labels with their laser and found a vast improvement in speed over their previous manual process, with accurate reproductions of data including ascension numbers and QR codes.

The processing capabilities of the laser ensure that physical strain is no longer an issue and has improved the quality and detail of the labels.  

Mount Stuart Trust also utilise Trotec materials for their plant labels. Graham said "For our exhibit labels we use Trotec's TroLase 3 Ply black and white material, which gives a highly professional finished appearance."

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