Fablab - Technology Center for Education Support

Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow

Published on: 10/24/2018 Author: Trotec Laser Russia

Technology Center for Education Support

Technology Center for Education Support in the University was opened in 2012 as a project of the Department of Education. The main tasks of the Center are digital design, 3D prototyping for research and design projects. The Head of the Center is the Director of International Innovative Technologies Institute of RSUH (Russian State University for the Humanities), Doctor of Science, Sergey Kuvshinov. "The fablab in our University is one of 17 fablabs, that were established 6 years ago on basis of the premier Moscow universities. The speciality of our fablab is creation of complicated culture and engineering objects. Now our center has a complex of equipment: a 3D printer, a laser machine, robotics equipment. Trotec laser machine is a part of our modern job shop", comments Sergey Kuvshinov

"With Trotec laser machine we do just all our projects. For example, in intellectual robotics models there are many plane details, that are very convinient to produce with laser. Other our speciality is laser pyrography for arts and science projects, where we create pictures on paper, wood, textile and other organic materials. Among unusual our projects we can mention a book with text, cutted with laser, 3D models of monuments of art and architecture, a book of Leonardo da Vinchi. That is why our fablab is busy the whole day"
- Sergey Kuvshinov - Director of International Innovative Technologies Institute, Managing Director of the fablab -

Innovations of the RSUH University fablab

For design and creation of 3D models it is possible to use 3D printer. But for educational projects, where it is important to test, to learn during the job process, the 3D printer is very expensive because of the big quantity of consumable materials. That is why they decided search for another technology. The Technology Center for Education Support wanted a solution for cutting thin materials (paper, plywood etc). Before to buy an equipment they evaluated the quantity of jobs that they should proceed in the fablab. So the specialists started to study laser. Very soon it was clear for them that they wanted to find a qualitative equipment, that was easy and convinient in use. Further it was important, that there was a technical service in Russia in case of any troubles.

Why have you chosen Trotec laser machine?

The Technology Center for Education Support chose a Trotec Speedy 100 laser as this system fits best for their needs. They chose "an expensive, but guaranteed brand. And one more important matter was a technical service in Russia from Trotec authorized distributor, Laser Center, with highqualified specialists. They supported us in all steps at the beginning. And now we can always decide our questions about laser process", explains Sergey Kuvshinov. The Speedy 100 helps to teach 3D design and create models. More importantly - the work with computer and a laser machine helps to study the creation process of 3D models more professionally. High quality of models, speed and ease of operation allows to proceed limited edition production of different types models .

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