Simpler workflows and cost savings at Beck Sensortechnik

Thanks to laser technology

Published on: 06/25/2021 Author: Trotec Laser DACH

Specialist in pressure monitoring

When the company was founded, Beck Sensortechnik was still producing water level indicators for household washing machines.
Today, the German manufacturer is one of the market leaders in the international industrial market for customized mechanical pressure switches and electronic pressure sensors with the brands Prescal®, Climair®, Climaset® and Senswitch®.

With an export quota of well over 50%, the company manufactures in Germany at its site in Steinenbronn with approximately 70 employees, using state-of-the-art production technology.

Areas of application for these products are, for example, in mechanical and plant engineering, apparatus engineering, environmental and cleaning technology, but also in automation, ventilation and air conditioning technology.

High costs and a logistical challenge

The numerous products are based on identical basic plastic housings, plastic covers, and rotary knobs for individual sensor adaptation with different scales. Each labeled individual part had to be in stock in sufficient quantities, because company Beck stands for short delivery times and flexible customer service.

The original effort for labeling all parts was correspondingly high. From the injection molding supplier to the print shop and from there to the warehouse. Beck applied batch production, the differently printed variants were stored and delivered to production on call. A solution was sought to improve this process.

The laser saves over 250 printing variants

The company opted for the SpeedMarker 50 inline marking laser. By using Trotec's laser technology, the parts logistics and workflow became much simpler.

Instead of individual batches of ready-printed parts, only large quantities of neutral plastic parts are purchased and stored.
After an order is received, a production order is automatically transmitted to the respective line via the ERP system, including labeling data.

The sensor is now assembled from all model-specific components and labeled at the end of the production line by the inline SpeedMarker laser with the correct data, such as serial number, product designation, individual customer logo or customer-specific typing. Any scale graduation that may be required is also only applied to the finished product at the end by means of laser marking.

Before laser technology came into play, production required about eight different basic housings and about 250 differently marked dials.
The use of the marking laser now reduces this volume to a single basic model!

"The marking system provides us with a modern parts management and therefore saves us a considerable amount of working time and costs. Handling is extremely simple, because the SpeedMarker receives the necessary order-specific data via the EDP and then marks the parts fully automatically. In this way, we can also quickly realise widely differing individual markings. The intuitive SpeedMark software enables us to react quickly to market requirements and to set up new motifs, logos or fonts. The system runs so well and economically that we plan to use it for metal components with similar requirements."
- Andreas Kummer - Head of Quality Control / Process Development / Environmental Management Officer - Beck Sensortechnik -
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