Expand services with laser technology

Published on: 04/10/2019

De Arnhemse Borduur Centrale

De Arnhemse Borduur Centrale is a company that mainly focuses on supplying corporate and promotional clothing and was founded in 2006. They provide the clothing in their own home with an embroidery or print.

The challenge

"I wanted a supplement to my package and first thought about printing promotional items. However, when I wentogled I came across the laser engraving and I went for it, because I think it will bring something more unique into the house. I also have a liquor store, so I immediately saw the combination possibilities. With the Speedy 300 laser I work with different materials: wood, metal, leather, stone and glass. I personalize champagne cables, pocket knives, wine boxes, wine bottles and glasses", says René Oudendag (owner of the Arnhem Embroidery Centre).

The Trotec Laser solution

"As with my embroidery and textile printing machines, I wanted to have the best quality at home. Trotec immediately gave me a good feeling of quality," says René Oudendag.

We wish the Arnhem Embroidery Centre many more beautiful engravings!
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