Laser Processing PPE Touchless Hooks

Instructions to create touchless hand and finger hooks to combat the spread of COVID-19

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We are continuously inspired by all of the work that laser users are doing to combat COVID-19. Laser Dave's latest application is two in one; a hand and finger hook to open doors and drawers without touching them.

See how we used our Speedy 360 80W CO2 laser to create these PPE touchless hooks.

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Touchless PPE Hand Hook

Position a 1/4" (6mm) piece of acrylic into the laser machine and cut the material using the file provided. Once processing is completed, wipe any excess dust or debris from the surface of the acrylic, and remove from the laser system. Attach to a retractable, clip-on badge holder for quick and easy access.

Laser Parameters for Cutting*
Power (%): 100
Speed (%): 0.6
ppi/Hz: 5000
Passes: 1
Air Assist: Yes
Z-Offset: None

Laser Parameters for Engraving*
Power (%): 50
Speed (%): 100
ppi/Hz: 1000
Passes: 1
Air Assist: Yes
Z-Offset: None

*Use these parameters as a guide but make sure you adjust your settings if you have a different laser system or a different wattage.

Touchless PPE Finger Hook

This finger hook is a more compact version of the touchless hook that can conveniently be attached to a keychain.

Position a 1/4" (6mm) piece of acrylic into the laser machine and process it using the same settings above. Once the file is complete, wipe away any dust or debris, and remove it from your laser system.

Both versions of touchless hooks can be used for door handles, light switches, drawers, buttons, and many other public surfaces. For best results, regularly sanitize your touchless hooks after use.