Laser Processing PPE Face Masks

Step by step instructions to create protective face masks to combat the spread of COVID-19

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This laser video tutorial will give you the information on how to create protective face masks using your laser and sewing machine. If we make our own masks, it will help ease the shortage to hospitals, and reserve the supply of N95 and medical-grade for those on the front lines.

See how we used our Speedy 360 80W CO2 laser to cut the fabric for our face masks.

Tip: Any cotton fabric will work to make these masks. Repurpose old, cotton t-shirts or sheets.

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Step 1: Process the Fabric

Position a sheet of standard cotton fabric into the laser machine. Pick a mask size from the three standard options, and laser-cut the material using the file provided. You can cut one, or an array of samples, as shown in the video. Once processing has completed, remove the remaining material from your samples. Repeat this process with another sheet of cotton material.

Tip: Use two different colored fabrics, so that it is easy to determine which sides face towards and away from the mouth.

Laser Parameters*

Color: Red
Process: Cut
Power (%): 100
Speed (%): 5
ppi/Hz: 5000 ppi
Passes: 1
Air Assist: Yes
Z-Offset: No
Advanced: None

*Use these parameters as a guide but make sure you adjust your settings if you have a machine with a different wattage.

Step 2: Sew Inner and Outer Mask Sides

Start by pinning two pieces of each color together. Sew them together, as demonstrated in the video. Repeat for the other color. Determine which color will be your inner and outer-facing sides of your mask.

Step 3: Assemble Your Mask

Fit the inner and outer-facing fabrics together. Place the cording in the appropriate spots, and then pin the cords in place. Proceed to sew each of the sides of the mask.