Personalized Laser Engraving of Electronic Devices

Laser Engraved Electronic Devices

One of the most popular trends in the A&E, Promotional, and Gift industries is the personalization of electronic devices.

If you’re in the laser engraving industry and are looking into getting into a hot new market which will allow you to supply goods in high demand this is definitely one to explore.  It’s a trendy and fun way to personalize your iPhone, Blackberry, laptop computer, tablets, PC’s, MP3 Player, flash drives, and much more.

Customers love having their own work of art or favorite design etched on their electronic devices. In addition to being trendy and cool the personalization of electronic device is an excellent way for schools, companies, and government offices to brand and track company owned devices.

The exterior of most electronic devices is made from anodized aluminum, coated plastics, or bare metal. In order to provide your customers with any engraving solution needs it's ideal for any engraving shop to have a laser system that can quickly and easily engrave something no matter the material. Which is why we love using the Speedy 300 flexx.

The Speedy 300 Flexx has both a CO2 and fiber laser tube coupled with engraving speeds up to 140 in/sec you can quickly laser process any electronic device as well as other objects made of wood, paper, plastics, metals, rubber, stone, acrylic, and fabric... Making the laser cutting, engraving, and marking possibilities endless!