Laser Maintenance

Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance…

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Clean your internal filter system

 One of the single biggest factors in helping to keep your laser clean, is the exhaust blower/internal filter system. If this item is under-specked, or not well maintained, it’s almost like not using one at all.

Every laser system in uniquely designed to have air flow run through the laser cabinet to help debris evacuate as quickly as possible. This in turn helps keep smoke and debris from lasered materials from leaving residue on your optics and mechanical components.

To ensure you are using a suitable filtration system for your laser talk to Trotec's sales and support team and to learn more about maintaining your exhaust check out our tips page "How to Extend the Lifetime of Your Exhaust".

Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance…

Everyone hates to do it, but deep down, you know it has to be done! However, unlike other tasks you procrastinate about doing, this one can be very costly. It boils down to one simple, 10 minute task, and when you let it build up, it can become very costly.

Some laser systems are easier to maintain than others... Luckily Trotec laser systems have unique features like InPack-Technology™, Harsh Environment Kit, and an Integrated Co-Axial Air Assist that make maintaining your Trotec laser system a snap!

Before you attempt to clean the optics, use the can of compressed air first, before the actual cleaning process. This will help prevent against scratching the optics during the cleaning process.

Once you have blown away any surface debris, you will then put a few drops of the lens cleaner on the optic, then simply use the tissue, folded into a smaller square, to clean the optic. Wipe the optic with mild pressure, until there is no more solution on the optic. At this point, you may also spray a quick blast of the compressed air to get rid of any remaining solution.

Optic Cleaning Tips:

  • The natural oils in your skin can damage the lens coating, so take precaution not touch the lens surface with bare fingers.
  • It is important to only use a lens solution designed for laser optics, as some camera or eye glass lens solutions are not suitable for the lens surface and may damage the coating.
  • Only clean your lens when it's dirty, as excessive cleaning can shorten the life of your lens.


You can find more about laser maintenance in our tips & tricks section

Laser Maintenance

Clean your optics

Some laser systems require you to perform a variety of tasks, while others have nothing more to do than check and if dirty clean.

We recommend using compressed air and a damp cloth to keep your Trotec neat and tidy. Because Trotec's InPack-Technology™ and Harsh Environment Kit protect critical system components like belts, bearings, optics, and electronic boards maintenance is very easy. When your system is dirty blow out the dust with your compressed air and wipe and surfaces down that have sticky residue that was not removed by the air.

It is important to know that your optics are the single biggest factor in retaining your image quality. Optics include mirrors & lenses. Bi-weekly inspections, daily if you work with wood and/or rubber, you will save yourself hundred of dollars down the road.

There are a few items needed to clean the optics; can of compressed air, lens tissue, and lens cleaner. Trotec sells lens tissue and lens cleaner suitable for the lens surface.  Visually inspect the optics for residue buildup, dust & debris, or fingerprint smudges.