Flexx Technology: CO₂ & Fiber Laser in one Machine

Endless application options

Maximum flexibility with two laser sources in one laser system

The patented Flexx Technology™ integrates two laser sources - CO2 and fiber - in one machine, allowing a variety of different materials to be processed in one operation. The CO2 laser source is ideally suited for engraving and cutting plastics, wood, rubber, leather and many other materials. The fiber laser is the right tool for marking metals and staining plastics.

Processing different materials in one laser job

The characteristic feature of the patented flexx function: Depending on the material, the two laser sources are activated alternately – in one job, without manual changing of the laser tube, lens or focus. The laser sources are easily assigned at the touch of button in the JobControl® software. Every conceivable CO2 laser application, as well as an annealing marking or a metal engraving, can be produced in no time. This guarantees that you'll save time and have more flexibility in everyday work-- allowing you to grow business.

"ready for flexx"

Every laser engraving machine in the Speedy series is “ready for flexx." This means that every Speedy can be retrofitted with an additional laser source. This ensures that you are prepared for the future. Retrofit whenever you are ready.

Material overview for CO2 and fiber laser source

With the Speedy flexx laser machines, you can process a wide range of materials. 

  Material CO2 Fiber
Non-Metal Wood  
Plastics ABS; PC; PA, PMMA ...
Metal Aluminum  
  Anodized Aluminum
  Coated Metal  
  Precious metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum)  
  High speed steel  
  Stainless Steel  

The above metals can also be processed with a CO2 laser. This requires an additional work step and the use of consumables, e.g. laser marking sprays.

MOPA Laser: Even more possibilities for laser marking metals and plastics

With the introduction of the new Speedy 400, we are setting new standards for laser marking metals and plastics with flatbed laser systems.  Our patented Flexx Technology™, which has been successful on the market since 2005, has now been developed further - resulting in higher-contrast markings on plastics and black markings on anodized aluminum. This is made possible by a MOPA fiber laser, which is integrated in the flatbed system instead of a conventional fiber laser source.

In addition to the higher-quality laser marking, productivity is another advantage of the MOPA laser: Markings or deep engravings of equivalent quality can be implemented faster than with a conventional fiber laser.

The advantages of the conventional fiber laser sources remain:

  • maintenance-free
  • long service life
  • air-cooled
  • economic purchase price

Increase your productivity and flexibility with the MOPA fiber laser and achieve higher-contrast and more readable results.

The patented Flexx Technology™ and the MOPA fiber laser are available for the Speedy Laser Engraver series.

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