laser cut nicht light plexiglass

a night light

Step by step guide

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Required material

sheet of acrylic in any color you like (3 mm), double-sided adhesive tape, LED lights strand

Trotec laser used

  • Speedy 400
  • 80 watts
  • 2.5 inch lens


honeycomb cutting table, acrylic cutting grid table

Step by Step

Step 1: Design

Import the PDF file into CorelDraw and select the desired graphic (see the tabs below the working area in CorelDraw). Scale to fit your acrylic piece (you will need a front and a back to fit on the piece).

Step 2: Used laser parameter

Engraving: Power: 35% - Speed: 10% - Frequency: Auto - Air Assist: ON
Cutting: Power: 30% - Speed: 0.1% - Frequency: 8,500 Hz - Air Assist: ON

Step 3: Front and back parts

Put a honeycomb cutting table top into the laser and lasercut and engrave the front and back part out of the acrylic. If you use our ship design, you will find them on the second page of our PDF template. 
To cut the stand, you can also use our template.

Step 4: Linking parts and lights

You need a few linking pieces to attach the front and back of the ship together with a space in the middle. Apply double-sided adhesive tape between two sheets of acrylic. Do not remove the protection film yet and cut the linking pieces.
Take the linking pieces out of the laser, remove the protection film and apply double-sided adhesive tape. Now you can stick the two ship halves with the linking pieces together. As a last step, put the lights around the linking pieces and affix the ship on the stand.

Your night light is ready to use!

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