Christmas Tree Ornaments


Used material:

  • 1/4 sheet TroGlass Clear 3 mm (Ref. 121800) and/or
  • 1/4 sheet TroGlass Satins (Ref. 117034)
  • Ribbon for hanging the decorative elements

Machine used:

  • Speedy 360
  • 80 watts
  • 2" lens
  • Nozzle with big hole diameter
  • Acrylic cutting table

This sample can be made on any machine from the Speedy laser engraver series.


Graphic files

Step by Step

Step 1: Design

Use our template "christmas_decoration". Please pay attention to the thickness of the material and adjust the insertion slots for the two little trees accordingly if necessary. Now import the pdf file into Ruby in the ""Manage"" area. In order to achieve a better depth effect when engraving TroGlass clear, this is done mirror-inverted on the reverse side. However, if you want to engrave the material on the top side (e.g. for better readability on TroGlass satins), then mirror the entire file. With "Create job" you then send the design to the "Prepare" area.

Step 2: Laser process

Remove the film on the top of your material, the protective film on the back is left on the TroGlass. Now place the acrylic sheet in the laser machine. Cover the rest of the work surface well for the best possible vacuum. Place the job in the appropriate position and make all adjustments. Our suggested parameters may vary depending on the machine used and the available laser power. Then send the job to the laser by clicking on the ""Push to Laser"" control panel. Then start the laser process.

Laser parameters:

  Effect: Engraving speed Effect: Cutting quality
Process Engrave Cut
Levels black red
Power (%) 60 50
Speed (%) 100 0.2
DPI 500 20000
Source CO2 CO2
Air assist ON ON
Z-offset - -
Passes 1 1
Power Correction 10 10
Direction Bottom up  
Ditherung Ordered  
Engrave Mode Standard  
Quality High Quality  



Step 3: Assembly

After the laser process, you can wipe the material surface with a soft cloth if necessary. Now remove all parts from the laser. The two little tree stands are put together with the matching base plate for each. All remaining elements can be prepared for hanging with a decorative ribbon.


Also use TroGlass in other colors for a colorful assortment of Christmas decorations!

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