Illuminated signs and displays from Werner + Plank. the SP3000 Laser Cutter...

Illuminated signs and displays from Werner + Plank.

The company was founded in 1969 by Günther Werner as a three-man business in the field of advertising systems. After a continuous and strong growth of employees, Roland Plank took over the company in 2015 with its 85 employees at the Rocksdorf location. Since then, he has successfully continued to manage the company as Werner + Plank Licht & Metalltechnik GmbH and now employs 145 people. The core competence of the company is the development, planning and production of high-quality illuminated advertising systems and metal components of all kinds. As the market leader in the field of large-area illuminated advertising systems, the Upper Palatinate company serves B2B customers from all over Germany (approx. 60%) and the rest of the EU (approx. 40%).

Our customer inquiries became more and more specific and we were therefore looking for a partner who could serve us here on a long-term basis. With the Trotec SP3000, all applications that are required in lighting technology can be covered. Acrylic inlays can be cut very sharply with the laser cutter. In addition, the SP3000 allows us to nest geometries very efficiently with regard to materials and thus produce parts economically.

Roland Plank
Managing Director, Werner + Plank Licht & Metalltechnik GmbH (Germany)

Milling cutter for material processing reaches its limits.

Werner + Plank illuminated advertising systems are mainly made of acrylic and metal. Many light fixtures consist of a basic framework of metal and a backlit cover of acrylic glass, often with inlays. For these inlaid works, at the beginning mainly with the milling machine, later also with a laser plotter from China was used. However, the milling cutter was not precise enough for the production of the inlays and the service and mechanics of the China laser were not satisfactory. Roland Plank therefore looked for an alternative to be able to work more economically and more precisely.

More profitability with the Trotec Laser Cutter.

The entrepreneur became aware of Trotec lasers and especially of the large-area laser cutters after extensive online research. He was immediately convinced by the design of the laser cutting machines and the ability to produce many small components economically on a large work surface. Roland Plank has now had the Trotec Laser Cutter SP3000 with 400 watts installed in his production hall since 2018. The long-established company uses the large-format laser to cut mainly acrylic (PMMA), whether large letters and lettering or smaller inlays. However, the laser cutting machine is also used for many other applications in the company, such as sign engraving. At Werner + Plank, the SP3000 is used to full capacity every day in 1.5 shifts. Roland Plank and his team are enthusiastic about the precision of the Trotec laser cutter and especially appreciate the good service and the high-quality mechanics.

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