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Expansion of the SpeedMarker Series

Published on: 07/10/2018 Author: Bernd Kerbl

Bigger. Wider. Heavier.

Expansion of the SpeedMarker Series

The portfolio of SpeedMarker laser workstations has grown again. From now on, two big brothers offer even more possibilities for marking workpieces – especially of very large or heavy workpieces. These large laser marking systems can additionally be equipped with a swivel mounted galvo head or a new, stronger rotary engraving attachment in order to enable marking of heavy cylinders, rings, pipes or other conical shapes.

SpeedMarker 1300 xl

The large laser workstation SpeedMarker 1300 xl is of the same width as the SpeedMarker 1300, but it is significantly deeper and higher. This results in an xl working area of 1,000 × 500 mm and a max. workpiece heigt of 764 mm. The SpeedMarker 1300 xl is available in three versions: Besides the basis version as large laser marking station, the SpeedMarker 1300 xl can be additionally configured with a protruding mobile table. This mobile table is available in two versions: As a mobile single table and as a change-over table version. This allows these heavy components to be positioned with a crane or other tools.

More information about the SpeedMarker 1300 xl

SpeedMarker 1600

As the name says, the SpeedMarker 1600 is an even wider laser workstation. This extra width results in a total working area of 1,300 × 450 mm. This wide workstation is ideally suited for the laser marking of very wide components such as pipes or profiles, or of large lots in trays. This laser workstation is also being used at firing proof houses.

SpeedMarker Series

Swivel mounted galvo head

This swivel mounted galvo head can be swiveled and is well suited for horizontal or vertical laser marking applications. The module is controlled through the SpeedMarker marking software and enables variable positioning of the marking unit from 0 – 90°. That allows slanted workpieces to be just as easily marked as complex components which can be marked on multiple sides in one work step.

Details about the swivel mounted galvo head

Galvo rotary unit 2

The rotary engraving attachment 2 is ideally suited for the marking of large and heavy cylinders, rings, tubes and other conical shapes. The rotary unit 2 can be installed as an additional module into the big laser workstations of the SpeedMarker series. The laser marking is carried out either by segmentation or in individual steps. Optional add-ons, such as a counter-bearing or different chucks, allow a new dimension in the laser marking of round or multi-sided components.

More about the Galvo rotary unit 2

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