New Productivity Features for SP Laser Cutters

New features for our large format laser cutters SP3000 and SP2000: Tandem Assist and Roll Material Extension

Published on: 05/04/2017 Author: Christine Klinke

Four-sides Access and Tandem Assist

The working area of the SP3000 and SP2000 laser cutter is designed for large-format materials and high-volume production. It can be easily accessed from all four sides and allows for fast and ergonomic loading and unloading, even during processing. This is where the brand new JobControl® laser software feature Tandem Assist comes into effect. It guides the operator through the workflow and supports highly efficient processing.

The working area can be split virtually into two zones. While the laser cutter is working in zone A, the cut outs can be unloaded and sheets can be loaded in zone B. This minimizes idle times and increases productivity.

Roll Material Extension

With the extension for roll material the SP3000 laser cutter becomes a sophisticated laser system for high-volume textile cutting. The fully automated solution is suitable for applications in the soft-signage sector as well as for cutting technical textiles. The SP3000 is compatible with all common diameters and weights. Flags, banners, jerseys, filter mats, curtains, sails, airbags, or upholstery furniture are produced quickly and flawlessly.

The extension for laser cutting of roll materials can be flexibly configured around a conveyor belt with roll-off unit or with an unloading table (depending on the workflow).

Product details

For more detail on the SP series laser cutters and tech specifications see the SP series product page.

SP series product page

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