Assemble paper wedding invitation

LaserPaper Wedding Invitation

Make a unique and interesting wedding invitation using Trotec's LaserPaper colors range.

This processing technique could be used to make laser cut invitations or greetings cards for any special occasion.


Required materials
  • 1 sheet LaserPaper Colors - Blue
  • 1 sheet LaserPaper Colors - Cottage Red with self adhesive backing

All materials can be ordered from our engraving supplies webshop.

Machine used
  • Speedy 100 60 Watts with a 1.5" lens.

Any Speedy-series laser engraver can be used to make this sample.


Use two contrasting colors for this tutorial. Darker colors will enhance the visual impact of the finished engraving results. Use a 1.5" lens for detailed cuts.

Wedding Invitation


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Step by step

trotec jobcontrol settings paper
Step 1

Step 1: Design

Create your own wedding invitation design or use our template. Send the two graphics to your Trotec laser with the following settings.

Process Mode Resolution Cut line
Standard 500 dpi None
Halftone Others
Color Optimized geometries,
inner geometries first
material database
Step 2

Step 2: Laser cutting and laser engraving the LaserPaper

Position your paper sheets in your Trotec Laser, covering the rest of the working surface with plain paper to create a strong vacuum. The required parameters will likely vary depending on the laser machine you're using and the power available.

Laser Parameters:

Color Process Power Speed ppi/Hz
black engrave 30 80 500
red cut 25 2.5 2000
blue engrave 20 80 1000
Passes Air assist Z-Offset Advanced
1 ON 0 Custom
1 ON 0 Default
1 OFF 0 Custom


We used an adjusted version of the standard laser parameters from JobControl optimized for quality. You may need to adjust the settings depending on your laser and the power available. The material parameters of JobControl can be downloaded from www.troteclaser.com

Assemble paper wedding invitation
Step 3

Step 3: Assembly

Fold the blue engraved LaserPaper along the scored edges, and stick the red LaserPaper into the center.

inspiration diy wedding invitation

Why should I use Trotec LaserPaper?

Trotec LaserPaper is ideal for all types of invitations. In our range of laser and engraving materials you will find many different colours which are perfect for invitation cards, table decorations and greeting cards.


Try different colours of LaserPaper to make your designs unique.

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Questions about applications or settings?
We're happy to advise you from A for Air assist to Z for z-offset.

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