Trends in shopfitting

Online sales channels have been on the rise for a number of years. What effects does this have on shopfitting and the POS sector in brick-and-mortar retail? Combining brick-and-mortar retail with online business is undoubtedly a recipe for success and creates a coherent customer experience.

Laser cut retail display

1. Trend in shopfitting: Protective screens and signage

The changes in the “trends in shopfitting” happen all the time. However, the pandemic and the subsequent closure of shops have acted like a catalyst. At the same time, new “trends in shopfitting” emerged in 2020 – if you want to call them that: The production of protective screens, room dividers made of acrylic and all signage relating to the topic of “keep your distance” have ensured that order books for display and sign makers are now full.

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2. Trend in shopfitting: Bringing brand and product to life

The main question is: What can brick-and-mortar retail do that online sales channels cannot? Products can be touched and tried out in a store. The brand and products can therefore be physically experienced. Shopfitting can make an essential contribution to the brand experience. Designers who make a brand tangible with their concepts are driving this trend.

What contribution does the laser machine make here?

Our customers create complete shop designs and make a significant contribution to the customer experience. The laser cutter or laser engraver can be used in the background for the impressive engraving of wall panels or the creation of remarkable displays. Acrylic is a popular material in display construction and shopfitting. The laser cutter automatically produces a flame-polished cut edge. Milling, on the other hand, often requires time-consuming and costly manual polishing. This complex work step, which also carries the risk of rendering the workpiece unusable, is no longer necessary. And up to 88% of the costs of acrylic processing are eliminated.

3. Trend in shopfitting: Personalization in the store

More and more brands are using the potential of customization. (LINK to megatrend article) A wide variety of products are personalized on site: Trainers, textiles, sweets, kitchen utensils and much more become unique with the laser engraving of a name, logo or slogan. In this case, the laser engraver not only acts in the background, but is the main actor when it comes to making the brand experience tangible.

In summary for the future of shopfitting, it can be said:

  1. The link between brick-and-mortar retail and online retail is crucial for success.
  2. The customer experience is becoming more and more important in stores.
  3. Stores remain attractive thanks to “highlights” that go beyond the mere sales experience.
Laser cutting retail displays

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