Looking after and recommissioning your laser after a break

Looking for additional laser maintenance tips?

Our tips and tricks section contains a range of different tips and tricks for laser maintenance, allowing you to ensure that your laser machine stays in optimal condition and that you are as productive as possible.

Final steps - Referencing the laser machine

As with the initial steps, the final steps of recommissioning your laser are similar to how you would normally start your laser machine. Once warm up has been completed (if required), close the laser machine lid and allow it to reference. Once the machine is referenced the machine will beep to indicate as such.  Once these steps have been followed you can use your laser engraving machine as normal.  To make sure that these steps are followed by staff upon returning to work, you can download our helpful poster to remind them of the stages. 

Optional step: Enable laser warm up

Laser warm up is a feature in JobControl© laser software which is designed to gradually raise the temperature of the laser source if it has been left in a cold environment.  Once your laser machine has connected to the laser software, you need to access the options menu in JobControl, which can be done using either the icon or via the settings menu. Once in JobControl settings you should navigate to Service/Laser & tick the box “Enable automatic laser warm up”. The default time is always 60 minutes) press apply and then OK.  Once this process is completed the laser lid can be closed and allowed to reference as in normal start up. The warm up process is indicated by an audible beep.  If your laser has been in an environment warmer than 25 °C, we recommend that you do not start it until the room temperature has dropped comfortably below this temperature.

Next steps: Starting the laser

The initial steps that you should take are similar to how you would start your laser on a normal work day.  Begin by opening the laser machines lid and centralising the laser head (X and Y axis). You can now turn the laser on and connect the machine to JobControl© laser software. 

First step: Check room temperature

The first step is to check the room temperature and make sure that it is between +15 °C and +25 °C. This is the ideal temperature for the working environment for a Trotec laser. If the temperature is lower or exceeds these guidelines then issues can occur within the laser machine. For example, in cold weather, condensation can occur in the laser tube and when the laser is in a warm environment it can adversely affect functionality.  For more detailed information about the perfect environment for your laser follow our tips and tricks.

Simple steps to get your laser back up and running

Whatever the reason, there will be times when your laser is not used for prolonged periods of time. To make sure that you are able to get the most from your laser and to reduce the risk of the machine failing when started up, we've created a simple step by step guide to allow you to get your laser machine back up and running safely. For more detail about what each step entails, read on.
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