How to start using a ProMarker marking laser

How to get started using a ProMarker marking laser

In this step-by-step tutorial discover the basics on how to start using the ProMarker marking laser. The tutorial details topics such as how to switch on the laser rack and check the warning lights. This guide is also useful for troubleshooting assistance, to answer procedural questions, and as a handy reference for new or less experienced laser users.

Laser marking with DirectMark - as simple as printing

The ProMarker laser marker makes marking material as simple as printing. The supplied and already pre-installed laser software DirectMark operates like a printer driver. Use your preferred graphics program (e.g. CorelDraw in this tutorial), and click print which sends the desired data file to the laser. In this manual you will learn how to:

  • Switch on the laser
  • Select the printer driver DirectMark
  • Make the necessary settings (among others laser parameters)
  • Adjust the laser focus (different possibilities)
  • Position the component (pilot laser)
  • Start the laser job.

Helpful guide in operation

This tutorial is an essential time-saving guide for companies with multiple, changing operators. The purpose is to enable employees who only occasionally work with the laser, as well as new employees, to operate the ProMarker marking laser efficiently to ensure production can continue.

Download Tutorial: DirectMark Tutorial 1 - Quick Start Guide

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