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Case study: Laser marking components - engine specialist Van Der Graaf

Published on: 23.01.2018

Trotec laser marking systems for components and nameplates at Van der Graaf

Trotec galvo laser marking systems are utilised in many different industries across the globe with mechanical engineering and drive technology a major part of this sector. Laser machines are ideal for flexible component and nameplate marking. Engine specialist, Van Der Graaf, use Trotec SpeedMarker marking lasers for marking various engine components including nameplates and really value the flexible nature of these machines for their proprietary manufacturing processes.

Van der Graaf – worldwide specialist in drum motors for conveyor technology

Van der Graa are a Dutch based internaltional leading manufacturer of drum motors for transport and conveyor systems. These systems are used internationally for a variety of purposes, in a wide range of conditions. The applications range for conveyor belts goes from industrial manufacturing to baggage handling systems at airports to conveyor technology for parcel sorting systems. The reliable core of these systems consists of the completely enclosed drum motors. At the company's Canadian location Brampton, Ontario, a Trotec SpeedMarker 700 is used to mark the nameplates and components of these engines.

"We use the SpeedMarker 700 to mark the brand and logo on our motors, along with all its specifications and certifications. The system is fully integrated with our ERP, once we scan the work order, all the info is automatically pulled. Trotec offers impeccable support, especially in the early stages of programming and calibration. The SpeedMarker 700 offers the highest quality of marking on stainless steel and mild steel units. "
- George Barbuc - Project Manager, Van der Graaf -

Flexible Marking - Perfectly Adapted for the Best Production Process

Several times already, Van der Graaf have adapted the Trotec Galvo laser machine to be able to flexibly mark these parts. Changes to several workpiece carriers were created and these can be changed quickly to accommodate a wide variety of parts and nameplates. Hardly any time at all is used to complete these change overs on the Trotec Galvo machine. For every different type of component / nameplate workpiece carriers, corresponding templates were created in the laser software. Through your production ordering these can be called up manually or automatically. Any number of parts are able to be marked as the workpiece carriers don’t actually need to be filled.

Connecting the Laser Software to the ERP System

The machine operator can scan a barcode on the production order using a hand-held scanner by connecting the Trotec SpeedMark laser software to the ERP systems. The laser software will then be provided with the information of the marking content and part type. Included are quantities, serial numbers, part numbers and more. The laser software stores all the respective component's and the workpiece carrier’s marking information. The laser user simply needs to carry out the appropriate loading, scan the order and begin the marking process.

Customisable Control Panel

All companies have a different approach to obtaining the optimal operation of their machine. Accordingly, the HMI (human machine interface) on the Trotec laser marking machines ensures it has ease of adapting to personal preferences. This will help provide a suitable and perfect graphical user interface, in addition to the standard software. When needing to mark special individual parts and new workpiece carriers need to be set up, the standard SpeedMark interface can always be altered at any time.

Trotec SpeedMarker Series

Marking metal parts and nameplates, including aluminium and stainless steel as well as many kinds of plastic, Trotec's SpeedMarker series is primarily used. The Trotec laser machines are available in many different sizes and laser powers with the fiber laser sources. Found here below are the available machine sizes and options in a detailed overview.

More Information About the SpeedMarker Series

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