Crafty DIY Notebook

Show off your artistic skills with this fun, creative DIY project!

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Who doesn’t love an elegant, classic notebook? You can use them for just about anything… School, work, shopping lists, diaries, addresses, drawings… you’re only limited by your imagination! So, why not add a personal touch to your trusty, well-rounded notebook?

One of the most popular laser applications out there today is the personalisation and customisation of gifts & novelty items. Being able to add a name, graphic or photo to almost any material is one of the reasons laser engraving machines are starting to outnumber conventional blade cutting machines. And the best part? There is never a shortage of people out there that need personalised goods! So, why not try your hand at customising something of your very own? Here, we’ve got a DIY project for you, where we encourage you to add your own personal flair as much as possible.

In our examples, we’ve laser cut a tree into the front of a simple notebook, and engraved the name “Birgit” onto another. So now, we want you to grab a plain, boring, old notebook, find a design you like and get engraving!

If you’re not really the ‘artsy’ type, some great places to find design ideas include ‘Google Images’ and ‘Pinterest’, and if you’re really stumped for ideas, you can always use the tree template download we have provided.

So, what are you waiting for!? You’ll thank us later.

DIY Notebook Instructions