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New update of the marking software SpeedMark available

SpeedMark 3.7 version

Published on: 11/17/2016 Author: Bernd Kerbl

New update of the marking software SpeedMark available

Above all the support of the MOPA laser as well as a further improvement of the user friendliness were the focus of our software programmers. The new version 3.7 of our marking software SpeedMark was released at the end of October.

All news at a glance

With the release of SpeedMark 3.7, our laser software now offers the following new functions:

  • MOPA Laser support
  • New, structured user interface
  • Improved user friendliness
  • Measuring function in the graphic field (distance and angle)
  • Grouping and combination of elements
  • 2D Segmentation
  • Further useful functions

Highlight: MOPA Laser support

MOPA lasers expand the possibilities when marking metals and plastics (e.g. marking anodized aluminum in black, colours on steel, higher-contrast and more homogeneous markings on plastics). This is possible due to the variable adjustment of the pulse durations. With SpeedMark 3.7, you can now set predefined values between 4 and 200 ns in the material parameters.

Learn more about the MOPA Lasers

Improved user friendliness

The further improvement of the user friendliness was a priority for the new version. Our programmers have thereby succeeded in improving the clarity on the one hand and, on the other hand, in adding add new, useful features. The flow chart elements are arranged more clearly and frequently used commands can now be added to your favorites. And when you open a new project, the last used files are displayed. In the materials database, you can change the order of the parameters and personally arrange them. In addition, SpeedMark now enables a simultaneous segmentation of 2 axes. For example, if you segment the X and Y axes, you can process the entire marking field of the SpeedMarker 1300 at once.

New functions in the graphics field

In the graphics field, the preview is permanently displayed when changing graphics (e.g., zooming or moving). You can rotate graphic elements with the mouse (by clicking the object a second time). The measurement function in the graphics field is completely new: This allows you to measure distances as well as angles between the individual objects. Furthermore, in combination with SpeedMark Vision - Smart Adjust you can use the measuring function and adapt the marking contents to the components to be marked.

Grouping and combining elements

In the flow chart programming, you have the option of combining individual elements - either as a group or as a combination. This provides a better overview of longer flow charts and accelerates the change of all group elements.

In the group, all elements are gathered into one group. The individual elements remain as they are. By grouping, you can then change the properties of all elements at once (e.g. marking parameters, fill spacing, etc.), while the processing of individual elements is still possible, of course.

With the combination, all elements are combined into one object. The individual elements thus lose their properties. The combination allows you to create graphical elements, as overlapping areas are left blank. This function is also possible with texts or numbers.

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New software, proven quality

Thanks to the many new functions, the user-friendliness of our laser systems could be further improved. From now on, all laser machines of the SpeedMarker series are equipped with this intelligent and easy-to-use software as standard. Thus, all requirements for a qualitative and automated laser marking process can be easily met.

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