Modern fruit bowl from solid wood

In this tutorial we will show you how you can produce a modern solid wood fruit bowl with your Trotec laser. The parts are connected without glue.


Required Material
Used machine
  • Speedy 360, 80 Watts with 2.0" lens
  • Aluminum cutting grid table

The fruit bowl can of course also be produced with all other machines of the Speedy laser engravers or SP laser cutters.


Cover the working area completely with paper. By doing this even slightly bent sheets get flat.



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Step by step

Step 1

Import design

Import the design template and adapt it to your requirements if needed. Then click on"Create Job" to move the design to the "Prepare Screen" 

Info: Wood is a natural product. Its characteristics may vary. Therefore, we recommend to test the parameters before you actually produce the work piece.

Step 2

Laser process

Place the job now to the desired position and adapt the settings. The laser parameters may vary depending on the type of laser machine and available laser power. Send the job to the "Queue" for Laser processing.

Effect Cut Quality1
Process Cut
Layers Red
Power (%) 95
Speed (%) 0,6
Hz 1000
Source CO2
Air Assist On
z-offset -
Passes 1
Power Correction 10
Path planning Standard
Step 3


Clean the parts while they are still in the machine and the vacuum is on. By doing this you can efficiently wipe over the complete surface. Sort the different parts and put them together. 

Tip: Mark the front of the single pieces with adhesive tape so that you can assemble the pieces correctly.


  • Cut the bowl out two different types of wood and mix the parts during assembly.
  • Adding an engraving design or a name to the pieces creates a great effect. You can produce the bowls in advance and can add your customer's individual engraving afterwards.

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