In focus: The “individualization” megatrend

Alexander Jauker
27. April 2020 • 6 min
Your own name on a ballpoint pen. Fascinates. Inspires. Creates identity.
A typical situation at a trade fair or our laser days: In order to quickly experience the simple operation of our laser engraving machines, visitors can engrave a ballpoint pen with a name at our DIY station. I’ve been watching this for a few years now and there are always queues of visitors. I am fascinated by the effects of personalization. A rather “stupid” everyday object becomes something special with a name engraving.

More margin with personalization

Founders who have a business idea in the field of laser engraving, or entrepreneurs who use laser engraving as an additional service are usually concerned with the question of cost-effectiveness. “Can I make money with a laser engraving machine? And if yes: How?” My answer: With personalization and individualization.  Be it sweets, drinks bottles or clothing – consumers love to give products a personal touch. Standard products become something special and therefore something valuable. As early as 2017, around 41 percent of consumers surveyed in Germany stated that they pay more for individualized product variants than for equivalent mass products. With laser processing, individualized products can generate 5 to 10 times more than a standard product. In my opinion, if you specialize in this sector, you are relying on a growing and future-proof market.

What does a laser minute cost?

When creating the product portfolio, you should consider the calculation of the sales price. 1 euro per minute for the laser processing time is a common calculation basis. Depending on the complexity of the graphics, you should also include the time needed for the design in your calculation. Many products can be personalized with designs, logos and lettering using a laser engraving machine. Here is a calculation example for a laser-engraved ballpoint pen with surcharge for laser engraving.

What are the bestsellers when it comes to laser-engraved items?

The range includes picture frames, wine glasses, ballpoint pens, gift items, t-shirts, key fobs, jewelery and even cake toppers: Individualization with names, text, logos or photos makes these types of items very unique. Personalized signs, stamps, employee gifts, data plates or various contract engravings are in demand by companies – from individual pieces to series production.

Get started with individualization and personalization

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