Determination of laser parameters with the grayscale matrix

How to achieve light and dark engravings using laser parameters?

With laser processing, different color intensities can be achieved on the material using different parameter settings.  Read here how you can quickly and easily determine the desired color intensity using the grayscale matrix.

laser parameter test graycale matrix

Determination of parameters with the grayscale matrix

The test matrix consists of 100 different shades of gray. Using the Relief function in Ruby® or in the JobControl® printer driver, the appropriate parameters can easily be determined.
The laser output is also adjusted according to the black tone. When a 100% black box is engraved, 100% of the set output can be used. If a 50% black box is engraved, this is engraved with 50% of the set output. The laser output is linear to the black tones, therefore the desired color tone can be selected using the test matrix engraving and the corresponding values can be directly transferred to the parameter database.
The speed of the machine always remains constant.

Download: Image for defining parameters

printer settings jobcontrol laser software

Creating the grayscale matrix

Ruby®: Add the grayscale matrix file into the prepare screen. Select or create a material with relief function. JobControl® : Paste the picture into your graphics program. In the printer settings of the JobControl® printer driver, set the process type to Relief. Select the resolution according to the material that you want to test; in the case of wood, for example, between 333 DPI and 500 DPI.

TIP: For a laser output on a machine of 100 watts or more, start with P=80% output and v = 100% speed.
For a laser output on a machine between 40 and 100 watts, start with P=100% output and v = 100% speed.
For a laser output on a machine below 40 watts, start with P=100% output and v = 50 - 80% speed.

grayscale laser test

Selecting the laser parameters

Select your desired color tone from the 100 different parameters of the engraved matrix and save it in your material database.
The selected parameter for P in this example is 80+7 i.e. 87% of the preset P-value (output).

grayscale matrix holz

Grayscale matrix on wood

The test matrix on wood shows different color intensities from white to brown to dark brown. Thus, different color intensities can be quickly and easily determined.

TIP: To achieve even darker engraving results, set the Z-offset in the plus range and repeat the test process.

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