Custom Built Laser Systems

Particularly for industry applications Trotec offers individual custom built machines: Standard laser workstations upgraded with modules such as feeders or conveyors as well as fully or semi-automated systems. Our systems are as versatile as your business is varied.

When designing a custom built system, the proven and robust laser workstations usually form the basis, which is expanded by the addition of different modules, such as feeders or sorters. Entirely new systems can also be developed, which always have Trotec's galvo laser technology at their core. See a selection of our reference projects below.

Automated robot placement

Signals are exchanged between the robot and the SpeedMarker via the automation interface, so that the system can be fully automated and loaded with workpiece carriers. However, the overall concept includes more - in addition to efficient placement, production tolerances are compensated for by individual position corrections of the individual nests of each tray. This guarantees precise labeling of each component.

Industrial image processing for workflow automation

With this customer solution, the challenge lies in the detail. For example, individual signs are marked that are still connected to a frame in the form of web plates during the marking process.
Thanks to the workflow automation, the software recognizes 100% of the tags that have already been removed or which are still in the tray. This means that only those positions that are still available are automatically approached and labeled. This automatic recognition enables the use of bar plates that have already been opened. Positions with missing tags within the multi-skin sheet are automatically omitted.

Process optimization from start to finish

With this customer-specific solution, every single process step was questioned and thus optimized at several points.
The marking of plastic injection molded parts in different shapes and sizes is now done as the 2nd step after the injection process. This allows the parts to be manufactured efficiently - individualization with various customer logos is then carried out as a separate step by laser. The exciting thing about this is that it reduces stockholding enormously, since only a fraction of the finished parts have to be kept in stock and can still be flexibly labeled afterwards. The components are now guided on a conveyor belt through a curved laser protection tunnel and marked directly. This reduces the cycle time even further. Nevertheless, individual part processing is still possible thanks to a set-up processing table.
And last but not least, a plastic enriched with laser pigments was selected in the course of the application consultation.

One work table - infinite possibilities for positioning

Flexibility is the top priority in this customer project. Numerous markings are made with one and the same machine. These include deep engraving, marking with Data Matrix Code, serial numbers. And all this on different part sizes for small and medium series. And to make the work surface easier and more ergonomic to load, the variant with a U-shaped pull-out table was chosen. By extending the table, heavy components can be loaded by means of a handling system if necessary. Due to the special shape, the operator can reach the rear areas of the table more easily, which enables a more ergonomic work. Thus, both the software and the machine itself are optimally equipped for all applications.

Well-designed workpiece carriers for higher throughput

With the combination of optimized workpiece carriers and adapted software, the throughput of marked components is further increased. A well thought-out workpiece carrier system is created from two base plates which are quickly and easily equipped with product-specific holders. The software, which is adapted to the sequence of operations, allows the loading of one workpiece carrier while simultaneously processing the second carrier in the system. The software also ensures that no serial number is marked twice.

Tiltable laser head as a special highlight

With a high variance of different components - which in addition have to be marked at different angles at different locations - a swiveling laser head is a daily relief. The laser head is flexibly adjustable in an angle of up to 90°. This means that the marking head can also be aligned parallel to inclined surfaces. This enables marking in the optimum focus position. Without complex component fixtures. The required marking angle is simply adjusted via the software and then the component is precisely marked with data matrix codes.

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