SpeedCutter Twin - Stent Laser Cutting System

Precision for stent manufacturing

stent laser cutter

Stent production requires maximum precision. Precision, which only a laser device can provide for cutting tasks. In developing the Speedcutter Twin Trotec has created a unique tool that has revolutionized the manufacture of this kind of implant.

Parallel and automated

As a single laser system for the production of stents the Speedcutter Twin is equipped with two identical air-cooled laser fiber sources capable of cutting two stents simultaneously. Furthermore, lasers distinguish themselves through their absolute reliability with minimal maintenance. The space-saving system is equipped with an innovative automatic loading system that holds the tube being fed in perfectly in focus.

Solid construction for continuous operation

The rugged granite construction of the machine ensures absolute rigidity and therefore greatest repeatability. Consequently, the system can be operated fully automated and produce stents 24 hours a day - a huge economic advantage for the operator, offered by no other system. With the included and already pre-tested and installed intuitive software new geometry settings and stent designs can be created and implemented within a very short period of time. Flexibility for both the manufacturer and customer.

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Technical Data - Stent laser cutting systems

System Welded steel frame
Fiber laser source 1065 ± 5 nm; nominal power: 100 – 400 W; cooling system: air cooled
(400 W water cooled);
Femtosecond laser Nominal power 4 – 25 W; pulse width: 400 – 1.000 fs; frequency: 100 – 1.000 kHz
Cooling system: water/air cooled
Cutting optics Lengths of focus: ca. 80 mm; gas pressure: max. 25 bar
Motion system rotary Two rotary axes (direct driven) with pneumatic clamping for tubes with
a diameter of 0,5 – 10 mm
Motion system linear Linear axis with linear motor; travel 250 mm; resolution 5 nm;
Contour accuracy: better 5 μm
Control Aerotech NC-A3200, PLC
Gas supply Supply of two different process gases up to 25 bar; prepared for oxygen

Features of the SpeedCutter

Highest precision by stability and intelligent tube guiding system

Every component needed for a perfect cut is directly mounted on the massive granite base construction, whose stiffness ensures positioning accuracy and repeatability. The patented tube guiding system keeps the stent tube constantly in focus – with minimized friction. That guarantees highest product quality and less rejects within your given tolerances.

Different laser sources

Choose between a high performance fiber or femtosecond laser source to process your materials the best suiting way. The SpeedCutter is also the only laser system in its class that can be equipped with two sources and work parallel with two lasers. You want to enjoy maximum flexibility? Simply combine both sources and work with a Hybrid Twin System.

Safe sample removal during production

Thanks to the construction, laser safety class 1 sample removal is possible while cutting and without interrupting the process.

High Performance Galvos for High-Speed Laser Marking

Use optional high performance galvos to increase your galvo marking laser's processing speeds.

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Upgrade possibilities

Upgrade to Twin

If you start with a SpeedCutter Twin System with only one laser source and need larger production capabilities, an upgrade to a full Twin System is possible. The software is already prepared for this step. The Twin Option offers highest throughput per given footprint – and that means also for your investments.

Autofeeder and Sorter

The Autofeeder enables you to run the system up to 48 hours without operator and in combination with the Sorter different stent designs can be cut automatically, before being sorted according to their type or batch.

Atmos Laser Exhaust Systems

The Atmos exhaust system ensures safe and clean operation of your laser system.

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