wooden sign laser engraved

"Tea House" wooden sign

Our Tea House sign combines the various techniques you can use for processing wood. Use our template as inspiration and laser-cut and engrave your own unique wooden sign.


Required material:

  • solid wood alder
  • solid wood walnut

available at Trotec

Used Trotec Laser:

  • Speedy 400
  • 120 watts
  • 2 inch lens


Affix a double-sided adhesive film to one side of the walnut board.

Step by Step

Step 1: Preparation

Import the PDF template into Corel Draw and select the desired picture.

download design PDF

Step 2: Laser settings


Engraving (black): Power: 15%, Speed: 20%, Resolution 500 ppi, Air Assist: ON, Z-offset: +1mm
Scoring (red): Power: 5%, Speed: 1%, Frequency: 1000 Hz, Air Assist: ON
Cutting (blue): Power: 64%, Speed: 0.8%, Frequency: 1000 Hz, Air Assist: ON


Engraving (black): Power: 60%, Speed: 30%, Resolution 500 ppi, Passes: 4, Air Assist: ON, High quality
Cutting (red): Power: 100%, Speed: 1%, Frequency: 1000 Hz, Air Assist: ON

Step 3: Laser process

For the cups, in the JobControl® print window assign the "Relief" process option, for everything else use the standard process option.

In addition, select "Optimized Geometries" and "Inner Geometries first" to get a nicer result.


For the relief engraving, make sure that the job is not placed over the joint of two glued wooden boards because the laser cannot erode the glue.

Step 4: Assembly

Remove the protective film of the adhesive on the parts and stick them in the appropriately marked positions on the base plate.

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