Unique marking quality guaranteeing reading reliability

SpeedMarker lasers support you with sharply detailed engravings, high contrast markings and deep engraving capabilities.

Using a SpeedMarker laser marking system, even the smallest font sizes can be created with guaranteed legibility thanks to precise lettering. With high detail sharpness, high contrasts and a deep engraving function, SpeedMarker lasers make the perfect partner for demanding laser marking quality. For deep engraving there is also a special deep engraving model which creates clean burrs without the need for post-processing. 

Thanks to the MOPA laser source, high-contrast markings on plastics can be created with greater precision. MOPA lasers can also be used to apply annealing markings on anodised aluminium and - under defined conditions - colour markings on stainless steel as well as precise metal engravings on the entire marking area. High-quality optics are used as standard allowing the creation of perfect laser marking results.

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