Laser Machine Power Upgrade

More power at any time

Every Trotec flatbed laser machine can be upgraded to a higher laser power at any time. This is a cost-efficient way for you to benefit from more power and higher productivity as your business evolves. Only a few parts (the laser source, among others) of the Trotec laser machine have to be replaced for this purpose. The upgrade can be implemented swiftly by us, and you'll be back to productivity again as quickly as possible!

Anodized Aluminum

Data plate, array 700 x 420 mm, 49 pcs,
each 100 x 60 mm

Laser power upgrades are available for the following Trotec laser machines:

Product Laser source Upgradable up to 
Speedy 100 CO2 60 watt
Speedy 100 fiber Fiber laser 30 watt
Speedy 300 CO2 120 watt
Speedy 300 fiber Fiber laser 50 watt
Speedy 300 flexx CO2 and fiber laser 75 watt CO2, 50 watt fiber laser 
Speedy 400 C02 120 watt
Speedy 400 fiber Fiber laser 50 watt
Speedy 400 flexx  C02 and fiber laser  75 watt CO2, 50 watt fiber laser 
SP500 C02 200 watt
SP1500 CO2 400 watt
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