Laser Machines for Precise, Reliable and High Quality Requirements

High standards for components, laser and machine safety for the industrial manufacturing environment.

Trotec has high component standards for reliability

SpeedMarker marking lasers are designed for industrial manufacturing environments. These machines feature high quality components which meet all requirements to ensure reliability and robustness of the high industrial standards. Available with three different laser sources, SpeedMarker laser machines enable precise marking on different substrates. 

Productive processing

SpeedMarker laser marking systems are designed to make your working life as efficient and productive as possible. A range of concepts, such as the rotary indexing table, extending table and double shuttle table allow large product quantities to be efficiently produced. High speed laser marking and shorter loading times thanks to the automatically opening lifting doors enable a higher throughput. The interior lighting and window concept allows you to see the complete laser marking process in action.

Better environments with Atmos exhaust systems

In addition to laser machines, Trotec has also set new standards with exhaust systems thanks to the Atmos model series. Trotec is the only laser machine manufacturer to produce models that are optimally adapted to the respective laser machine. A suitable exhaust system ensures the safe and clean operation of your laser machine, reliably removing dust and gases from the processing area. Thanks to its activated carbon filters, odours that may be generated during laser processing are filtered out. The Atmos exhaust system helps to deliver the best possible quality and laser marking results.

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