Best accessibility and inside view

Ergonomic access

The Speedy 400 works entirely without any front struts, which ensures easy and ergonomic access to the engraving compartment. Loading and unloading even of large and heavy parts or the rotary attachment is as easy as child's play. Loading is done at hip height which reduces the required force to a minimum. The front cover can be folded down completely, meaning you will not strain your back when inserting working tables or materials.

Transparent design for user ease

The transparent cover of our laser machines allows you to view the entire cabinet. You can monitor your application during laser cutting and engraving wherever your workpiece is positioned. Additionally, LED lighting provides a uniform illumination of the whole working area, improving user comfort and also allowing quicker setting of your laser engraving and cutting jobs.

Laser status detected quickly

With the new dynamic status display, the status of the laser and the processing progress are visible directly on the machine. This makes it easy to see at a glance whether the laser is switched on, a job has been completed or stopped, which laser source is activated, etc.

The following statuses are displayed:

  • Laser ON
  • Laser Idle
  • Laser Busy
  • Laser Error
  • Job progress in % sections
  • Job completed
  • Job canceled
  • Laser in Service Mode
  • CO2 or fiber laser source activated

Unnecessary idle time can thus be avoided, saving time and money.

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