Air Assist

Every reacts differently to laser processing. When laser engraving and laser cutting, the supply of compressed air can significantly influence and improve the results. Furthermore, Air Assist protects the lens against damage as it prevents dust from adhering to it. The Air Assist is switched on and off automatically by the JobControl Software. If the laser machine is delivered from the factory with Air Assist and pump installed, the two are directly integrated in the enclosure. Many Trotec laser machines are equipped with the Air Assist, although some require you to connect an external compressor.

Trotec laser machines available with the Air Assist:

Laser machine
Air assist without pump Air assist with pump
Speedy 100 Option Option
Speedy 100 fiber Standard Option
Speedy 100 flexx Standard Option
Speedy 300 Standard Option
Speedy 300 fiber Standard Option
Speedy 300 flexx Standard Option
Speedy 400 Standard Option
Speedy 400 fiber Standard Option
Speedy 400 flexx Standard Option
SP500 Standard
SP1500 Standard
Laserati Standard



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