Trotec laser machine in a maker workshop

Trotec Laser at the FAB14 conference

The International FabLab Conference will be held in France, Toulouse from July 16 - 20

Published on: 06/08/2018

For the fifth year running, Trotec will present laser cutting technology at the international Fablab conference, held in Toulouse in France. From July 16-20 Fablab Network members from more than 1,200 worldwide Fablabs will gather to share, discuss, collaborate and create communities regarding digital manufacturing, innovation, and technology.

Focus on "Fabricating Resilience"

FAB14 offers visitors and exhibitiors demonstrations, hands-on activities and talks featuring global opinion leaders and visionaries. The focus of this year's conference is on "Fabricating Resilience" which sets the stage for sharing experiences and creating a collaborative network. This will be made possible with 5 topics which have been created to be developed that can have a big impact in the region: food, mobility, machines, money and access. 

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Prof. Neil Gershenfeld on the future of Fablabs

M.I.T. professor Neil Gershenfeld shares sharing his vision about the future of Fablabs, including how Trotec laser machines can contribute to this development.

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Creativity without limits

Experienced Trotec laser machine users will introduce the maker community to laser technology in workshops. Speedy laser engraving machines are ideal for the standard applications often produced in Fablabs like model making, prototyping, industrial design, and DIY. Graphics and designs can be sent to the laser immediately for material testing. With an innovative Speedy flexx laser machine there are near unlimited possibilities for creative laser applications. Virtually any material can be laser engraved or cut with the flatbed Speedy flexx laser engravers.

More information: Speedy Laser Machines

Discover the possibilities

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