Trotec customer sets heart on a community defibrillator

Published on: 01/31/2018

When the Pogofandango team learned what a difference a publicly-accessible defibrillator could make between the matter of life and death, the Cornwall-based laser cutting craft business set about raising the funds to buy one for their local community.

It all started when business partners Gill Herbert and Emma West were attending a first aid course and learned that many lives could be saved if defibrillators were more readily available during the early stages of cardiac arrest.

In recent years, British Heart Foundation and other charities have campaigned to increase the number of publicly available defibrillators, a device which can be used to shock the heart back to normal rhythm during cardiac arrest.

Pogofandango decided to support the cause by donating all proceeds from the sale of their laser cut and engraved personalised wooden heart decorations towards the purchase of a defib for their local community of Penryn.

Business owner, Gill said: "My partner is a Coastguard and so is our first aid trainer, they put us in touch with the Coast Medic charity which has been working towards installing public access defibrillators too.

"We thought the laser cut wooden hearts were a good choice given the cause and we've been inundated with orders. The first defibrillator was installed in March 2017 at Raze the Roof, a local indoor activity area which is run by another Coastguard, Ollie. We are now raising funds for a second defibrillator and, as with the first, we will work with the Coast Medic charity to purchase and install it."

Armed with their four Trotec Speedy 100 laser cutters, Gill and Emma have built Pogofandango up from scratch and the business is now well established in the design and creation of beautifully laser cut greetings cards, stationery and gifts.

Co-founder, Emma said: "We started off with a different laser machine but since moving to Trotec machines we never look back. They're quicker, cleaner, easier to use and maintain, and the support from both the sales and technical service teams has been second to none.

"Our business has gone from strength to strength and we've added more laser cutters to our portfolio to ensure we can keep up with demand. It feels great to be producing unique and high quality laser cut products which our customers love, but it's even better to know we've been able to contribute to such a good cause by purchasing the defibrillator."

The personalised engraved wooden heart decorations are available from the Pogofandango website and all monies from the sale of this product will be added to the defib fund.