3 tips: How to buy the right laser

Published on: 09/29/2020 Author: Peter Brandtner

Which laser cutting or laser engraving machine is the right one for my business? What is the cost for a laser machine? How can the laser make the business future proof? These are common questions for those looking to invest in a laser. Find out more in our article.

Which laser is the right one for me?

At Trotec, I look after our customers and employees as part of the Trotec Academy. Almost every customer will ask the three questions above prior to purchasing a laser machine. I am lucky enough to be able to accompany many of our prospective customers through their purchase decision, which begins long before the purchase. Some prospective customers have a special application request or questions about materials, while some simply want more information. The location of these initial discussions varies, some at our showrooms, some at trade fairs and others over the phone. As part of our Trotec Academy training program, I am also in an active exchange with our customers and thus gain insight into their business development.

The short answer is that there is no blanket answer to which laser machine is “the best” as it all depends on your business requirements. Prior to purchasing a laser machine there are four questions that you should ask yourself:

  1. What do you want to do with the laser?
  2. Which materials do you want to process?
  3. Which laser power is the right one?
  4. How easy is it to use a laser for cutting and engraving? 

At this point I would like to give you three personal tips:

Tip 1: Let us explain the laser machine that you want to buy in detail

This description includes the technical data, the working area, the available laser power and goes right through to the accessories. You should make sure that the work area matches your standard formats. In this way, you minimise wasted materials and use resources more efficiently. You should also look at the available accessories. With a camera system or rotary engraving attachment, you can offer your customers even more products than possible with a regular laser machine. 

Tip 2: Find out about the range of services related to your laser machine purchase.

A laser machine is a serious investment for your company, which is why it should be well planned. Does the laser supplier inform you of possible financing options prior to purchase? What is their post-sale support like, do they offer additional training opportunities or material testing?

Make sure that the laser supplier you choose offers support following the delivery of your laser machine. As the laser machine  is the lifeblood for many businesses, you should feel well supported by your supplier. In regards to servicing, supplier service is worth its weight in gold as nobody knows the technology better than the manufacturers. 

Tip 3: “The best” is subjective. Compare your options!

It's essential to compare the information you receive about different products and the supplier as a whole when investing in a laser machine. 

My team and I have put together a guide to help you in your purchase decision. Our guide “10 questions you should ask yourself before buying a laser machine” highlights the different aspects in detail and serves as a guide. Download the guide

We are happy to answer your questions personally and discuss your questions about your business idea. Contact me!

More about the author: Peter Brandtner

Peter Brandtner has been advising Trotec customers for more than 15 years. As Head of Trotec Academy and the application laboratory, his focus is on the international training and coaching of Trotec customers and employees.