New product: TroGlitter acrylic

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Published on: 03/07/2019

All new glitter acrylic from Trotec

TroGlitter is the all new laserable acrylic from Trotec. Designed for a range of laser cutting and engraving applications, the material allows you to create eye catching pieces that really bring designs to life. 

TroGlitter is a cast acrylic which features glitter particles evenly distributed in the material. Some of the many stand out applications TroGlitter can be used for include interior signs and displays, craft items and even gifts. Add some sparkle to your products! 

As a cast acrylic, the laser cutting and engraving parameters are similar to TroGlass. Read our following tips and tricks to find out more about the material. 

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Processing tips and tricks

In our laser cutting tips and tricks we offer useful hints about how to get the best results when laser processing our latest material. Find out how to discover the optimal parameters, the right resolution for laser engraving using a CO2 source and the best cutting frequency.

Laser cutting and engraving tips