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Update for SpeedMark laser software

Published on: 05/22/2018

We have a new update available for the SpeedMark laser marking software. Windows 10 support and functionality were a focus during development. The new version SpeedMark 3.9 is now available.

Windows 10 and improved performance

Since the new release, SpeedMark laser software is now compatible and tested with Windows 10. This allows us to ensure that the laser marking software is compatible with the latest hardware and software, guaranteeing the best performance and system stability. All new SpeedMarker laser machines will be supplied with Windows 10 from June 2018.

SpeedMark Vision – Code Detection

A highlight of the new SpeedMark update is the new SpeedMark Vision feature “Code Detection”. It is now possible to read and verify all common codes such as data matrix codes, QR codes and barcodes using the Vision camera. There are many advantages, particularly for the automated processing of parts. Among other things, the following two applications are now possible.

One situation is that a code with the information about the marking of workpieces is applied to a workpiece carrier. The SpeedMark laser software can read this code and then run the necessary laser marking program to automatically mark the components.

Another application is that a component or product is marked using a data matrix code such as in medical technology (UDI marking) or the automotive industry and then the content is read, verified and - if desired - stored in a log file.

SpeedMark laser marking software

New functions and features

We have also implemented some customer requirements to improve the performance and user friendliness of the software. In laser workstations with X and Y axes, any point can now be defined as a zero point during segmentation. For text boxes, there are now several ways to define the distortion or reduction of the text.

A new option for laser parameters has also been integrated. In addition to quality-optimised parameters, you can now also select speed-optimised parameters, which can lead to performance improvements of up to 30%. And for SpeedMark users who work with subprograms, there is now the option to better organise and sort them. All SpeedMark laser software programs can also be used as subprograms.

Have you got any questions about the new SpeedMark update or have a question about your laser machine? Our technical support team are happy to help.

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