LaserPaper sample

Brand new: LaserPaper from Trotec

Published on: 03/26/2018

Trotec's brand new material, LaserPaper, has been carefully designed to produce a high level of colour contrast when laser engraved alongside a crisp, clean edge when laser cut.

Laser cutting the laser paper and then laser engraving a design allows you to create near unlimited applications. For example, you can print a deign onto the paper and then use your laser cutting machine to cut a voucher from it, or you could laser engrave business cards and brochure covers. The number of applications possible with LaserPaper is vast and your'e only limited by your imagination. 

LaserPaper comes in three different varieties: Wood, Colours and Synthetic. To find out more about LaserPaper, visit our engraving supplie webshop

Example applications

When processing LaserPaper, laser cutting, laser engraving and printing are ideal methods to produce your desired applications. We have prepared a seletion of differnt tutorials especially for the launch, which you can try for yourself and add to your range:

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