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SpeedMarker Marking Laser: Helpful tips

Published on: 07/24/2017

Helpful tips for using a SpeedMarker laser

The following article contains useful tips for using a SpeedMarker laser marker in your company. Our SpeedMark laser software supports you through the laser marking process for optimal production.

Getting started: SpeedMarker laser marker

Our quick start guide is ideal for companies who have recently purchased a laser marking machine or want to train new employees on their existing equipment. Our guide covers how to label parts with your marking laser, as well as the basics of lasers, beginning with the commissioning.

View our SpeedMark guide

How to find the right laser parameters

The parameter finder is the perfect tool for finding the right settings for labelling components, allowing you to find the correct laser parameters for plastics, metals and coated metals. You can also find the parameters within the SpeedMark laser software database.

Tips for finding the right parameters

Laser marking multiple components in a single step

Laser marking multiple components at once is possible with the addition of templates or stencils. Our step by step guide shows you how to create an array within SpeedMark laser software, which allows you to mark several workpieces at once.

Laser marking many components in a single process

One marking laser, many possibilities

From laser marking components for traceability to personalising office stationary, a laser marking machine can expand the range of applications that you process. Watch our video to see the possibilities that a SpeedMarker marking laser could offer you and your company.

Watch our video