How to find laser parameters using SpeedMark laser marking software

This page will show you different ways to define the correct laser parameters for your marking application. Find the correct parameters for marking metals, coated materials and plastics.

Laser parameter matrix for plastics

Different materials require different laser parameters

With a SpeedMarker laser system you can laser mark a variety of different materials, including all kinds of plastics which are different in their chemical composition making the laser react differently on impact. Therefore it is important to define the correct parameters to achieve the best results.

Laser parameter finder

If you are laser marking different applications and new materials, the laser parameter finder is the ideal tool for you. By marking a parameter matrix on the material you can easily find the correct parameters. There are three variables: frequency, speed and power. Using the static matrix with one fixed variable (which can be defined by the user) the other variables are marked on a matrix.

SpeedMark material database

Material database for common materials

For the most common materials there is a pre-defined and optimised laser parameter database. This database can easily be enhanced with individually defined parameters for your own applications and materials. The Material Database is easy to use and helps to reduce set-up times for regularly used materials.


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