Processing paper and card with a laser machine

Cutting, scribing, grooving and perforating with Trotec laser cutter machines

Laser engraved box

Laser cutting

Laser cutting is a quick and easy process that can be used to process paper, paperboard and cardboard for digital printing, packaging prototype construction, model making or scrapbooking. A laser cutting machine sets you apart from the competition, opening up new design avenues and operating with faster production speeds.

Suitable materials:

Paper (fine, art or uncoated paper) up to 600 grams
Corrugated cardboard


Advantages of a Trotec laser

How do you laser cut and engrave paper?

Lasers are particularly suited for realising even the finest geometries with maximum precision and quality, something a cutting plotter is unable to do. Laser cutting machines not only allow for cutting even the most delicate paper forms, but also the effortless engraving of logos and pictures.

Do I require special accessories for laser cutting of paper?

An optical detection system is the ideal partner if you wish to refine your printed products. With the Job Control Vision® camera, the contours of printed materials are cut perfectly. In this manner, even flexible materials are cut as accurately as possible. No time-consuming positioning is required, distortions in the impression are detected while the cutting path is adapted automatically and appropriately. By combining the optical registration mark detection system with a laser cutting machine from Trotec, you can save up to 30% in processing costs.

Does the paper burn during laser cutting?

Just like wood, which has a similar chemical composition, paper is evaporated suddenly during laser processing. This is called sublimation. In the area of the cutting clearance, the paper escapes in gaseous form, which is visible in the form of smoke (at high processing speed). This smoke transports the heat away from the paper, meaning that the thermal load on the paper near the cutting clearance is relatively low. If you cut your material with a laser, it will have no smoke residues or burnt edges, even with the finest contours.

Do I have to fixate the material on the working surface?

No, not manually. To achieve optimal cutting results, we recommend the use of a vacuum table. Thin or corrugated materials, such as cardboard, are thus positioned flat on the working table. The laser does not exert any pressure on the material during the process, so clamping or any other type of fixation is not needed. This saves time and money during the preparation of the material and also prevents crushing of the material.

"We decided to go with Trotec because simply put, they were the only laser system manufacturer who could actually provide a machine that cut card properly! All of the other ones we looked at ended up massively burning the card. In fact, I’m happy to say I can’t sleep because the laser has allowed us to expand so much and take on more business."
- Alex Wills - Managing Director of Twiddley's -
"Our Trotec machine has made the world of difference! It has enabled us to more than double the amount of orders we are able to fulfil. Trotec machines are easy to use and give a very clean cut, something that is very important to us as we cut a lot of cards, especially wedding cards, which need to be pristine. We had a fantastic training day when the machine was installed, and if we ever have any problems at all, the Trotec guys are always really happy to help us over the phone."
- Emma West - Co-Founder of Pogofandango -

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