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FAQs about laser engraving & laser cutting

Here you can find an overview of Frequently Asked Questions on the topics laser engraving, laser cutting and laser processes in general.

Frequently Asked Questions

The differences between a laser cutter and a laser engraver

What are the differences between the laser cutting and laser engravfing processes? Find out more in our FAQ. [more information]

What is the difference between laser plotters and galvo lasers?

When is which laser system to be used? The comparison shows you the most important facts. [more information]

What materials can I process with a laser machine?

Laser cutting, laser engraving and laser marking machines allow you to rpocess a variety of materials including leather, plastic, wood and rubber. [more information]

Do Trotec offer used laser machines for sale?

Trotec laser machines are known for the long service life and they enjoy popularity even as a second user system. [more information]

Which materials are unsuitable for laser engraving and cutting?

Whilst many materials are suitable for laser cutting and engraving, there are a few which should not be laser processed. [more information]

Can you laser engrave and mark metal with a Trotec laser?

Yes you can. Laser engraving and marking is possible with Trotec laser machines. Find out more about the different types of laser marking. [more information]

On-site demonstrations

Along with demonstrations at our local showrooms we can also organise an on-site demonstration at your premises. [more information]

How does a laser work?

"LASER" stands for "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation". Lasers amplify light by absorbing and radiating energy. The laser radiation is generated by a laser source. [more information]

How to laser cut

Laser beam cutting with Trotec machines outperforms conventional cutting systems in terms of speed, throughput and productivity. [more information]

What is the maximum dimension for rotary engraving?

more information

Laser engraving with Trotec laser machines

Laser engraving is a contact-free process, meaning there's no need to fix the workpiece during machining. The laser machine itself is housed in a sealed enclosure, providing maximum safety for the user. [more information]

Laser Marking with Trotec laser machines

Laser marking is the process whereby materials are marked or labelled with a laser beam. [more information]

Laser Safety

Laser machines are classified using different classes which are based on the laser power and wavelength and injury risk for the user. [more information]

Types of laser

The main difference in most laser machines on the market is the source of the laser they use. [more information]

The perfect environment for your laser

With a few tips and tricks, you can create the optimum conditions for your Trotec laser system... [more information]