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Introduction - What is laser cutting?

A CO2 laser cutting machine from Trotec offers several distinct advantages over traditional processing machines. Laser cutting is now faster than ever before, with the additional benefits including increased throughput and operator productivity. Trotec are one of the world's foremost manufacturers of laser cutters and laser systems, meaning that whatever you are processing, from laser cut signs to plywood cutting and acrylic laser cutting, a laser machine opens up a world of different application possibilities in multiple industries.

Available in a number of configurations to suit your requirements, our laser cutters can cut individual jobs as efficiently and economically as mass production jobs.

No matter what you're using your laser cutting machine for, we promise to deliver clean, fast and high-quality solutions.

Maximum precision

Trotec laser cutters are equipped with integrated cameras that detect registration marks and automatically adjust the laser to guarantee maximum precision, even if the original template is rotated, expanded, or distorted.

How does a laser cutter work? It's a safe process

When laser cutting the operator will never come into contact with moving machine parts as the materials do not require manual alignment of fixating to the laser bed.

Our products adhere to the stringent industry safety standards, and are as safe to use as a cd player or microwave.

The sharpest edges

Laser cutting machines give you a prefect cut every time, and always produce sharp and clean edges that will not fray. There is no need to resharpen tools as with alternative cutting machines.

Saves you money

Laser cutting is profitable. Our laser cutting, laser engraving and laser marking machines aren't subject to wear and tear, meaning your machine lasts longer and you don't have to pay frequent repair charges. Trotec laser machines offer the customer the lowest cost of ownership over the lifetime of the machine.

Trotec's laser family

Trotec offer an expansive range of flatbed laser machines for cutting a wide variety of different materials as well as industrial galvo marking lasers. SP series laser cutting machines are ideal for cutting large format materials.

How to laser cut