Laser cut and engraved fire evacuation sign

Create a fire evacuation sign using our TroLase Textures material and your laser engraving machine. 


Laser engraving materials required:

Laser Cutting Machine used:

  • Speedy 400 120W with 2" lens and aluminium cutting grid table

Any Speedy laser engraving machine can be used to create this sample.


Graphic files

Step by Step

Step 1: Sending job to the laser

Begin by either creating your own design or using our ready made template. You can now send the job to the laser using the below settings. 

Print Settings

Process mode Standard
Resolution 500dpi
Cut line None
Halftone Ordered Dithering
Others Enhanced geometries, Inner geometries first



Step 2: Laser cutting and laser engraving your sign

Send your design to the laser with the recommended laser parameters. Please note that these parameters may vary depending on the laser machine used and the available laser power.

Laser Parameters

  Engraving Cutting
Colour Black Red
Process Engrave Cut
Power (%) 100 80
Speed (%) 40 2
ppi/HZ Auto PPI 1000
Passes 1 1
Air Assist ON ON
Z-Offset 0.16 -
Direction Top down -
Path Planning - Standard
Advanced Default Default



Step 3: Cleaning the finished sign

When laser processing is finished wipe down your finished sign with Hexanes or other suitable cleaner to remove any leftover residue. Your sign is now complete and ready to be hung!

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