Laser cut acrylic and MDF display for pens

Ball-point pen display

Step by step tutorial

Follow our template to create a point of sale display for your pens. Simply adapt the dimensions to suit your pens and begin production.
The materials used in this tutorial can be purchased from our engraving supplies webshop.


Materials required:

Laser machine used:

  • Speedy 400
  • 100 Watt
  • 2" lens

To create this sample you can use either a Speedy 360 or Speedy 400 laser machine.


Step by Step

Step 1: Importing /creating design template

Import our design into your preferred graphic program and adpat it to suit your requirements.

Print settings

Process mode Resolution Cut line
Standard 500 dpi none
Halftone Others
Black & White  



Step 2: Laser cutting and laser engraving


  • We used the standard laser parameters from JobControl® optimised for speed
  • You can download the material parameters for JobControl® on our website

Cut all parts of the MDF using the acrylic laser cutting grid table. Once complete cut and engrave the acrylic using either the acrylic cutting grid or the acrylic slat cutting table to avoid back reflections on the material. The final step is to cut the letters out of TroLase Lights.

Laser Parameters:

Material Colour Process Power (%) Speed (%)
MDF red Cut CO2 100 0.5
Acrylic red Cut CO2 95 1
TroLase Lights red Cut CO2 17 2
ppi/Hz Passes Air Assist Z-Offset Advanced
1000 1 on - -
1000 1 off - -
1000 1 off - -



Step 3: Post-processing

Clean all laser cut and engraved pieces using a damp cloth. Glue the two MDF parts together and add the acrylic piece on top. It is important to make sure that all pieces are positioned precisely on top of each other. Use an angle stop if necessary to avoid the parts moving. Next, remove the backing material of the TroLase lights and stick them onto the acrylic. Finally, insert the stands into the slots at the back of the display.


To achieve different effects you can laser engrave directly onto the acrylic.


Download template

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