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High-Speed laser cutting of insulators at Tocana Ltd.

Published on: 07/12/2016

Laser cutting electrical insulators

Tocana Ltd. are a company who process electrical insulators. Searching for a high-speed laser cutter machine, Tocana visited Trotec's stand at the Sign & Digital show in Birmingham, and, after consultation and a laser cutting demonstration from the Trotec team  Tocana ordered a GS laser cutter directly at the show.

Tocana specialise in the design, development and manufacture of electrical and electronic insulation solutions. They cut flame retardant electrical insulators for a range of electrical goods, including computer, power supplies, electrical and power distribution systems, telecommunication equipment, medical equipment, automotive components and many more. The insulators are made from a variety of plastics including a special Polypropylene, which is flame retardant and can withstand a voltage of 32,000 volts (dielectric breakdown).

Laser systems for electronic industry

Many advantages with a laser

Previously, Tocana produced their insulators with conventional metal cutting and creasing dies. Since their laser cutting machine was installed, they now utilise it for high speed laser cutting (cycle time: <10s each). The laser machine offers the following advantages:

  • More flexibility in design
  • Faster time to market
  • Cost reduction on saving cutting dies
  • Better cost efficiency on small runs

High-Speed laser cutters - GS Series

"At Tocana we pride ourselves on our reaction time. We have built our reputation on super quick response times and our ability to provide solutions quickly and economically. We had been looking at upgrading some of our existing cutting systems but wanted something really special and fast. The SpeedMarker was not the only machine we looked at but once our engineers started to work with their counterparts in Trotec that was that. Trotec were able to customise the product to suit our industry requirements and they delivered exactly what we needed in record time. We are already working with Trotec on a second system."
- Fearghal McEvatt - Managing Director, Tocana Ltd. -

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